When I fall like this it is always fast and hard,
whether we’re talking science or just my heart,
either way I lose control once it begins,
and try as I might my head never wins,

Some wear their heart on their sleeve,
others guard it under strict lock & key,
yet when it comes to you I can’t believe,
just how much your soul overtakes me,

Any other guy would be running for dear life,
afraid of your deep dark secrets or past strife,
my eyebrows furrow not from what you’ve done,
but because in the end I can’t fight the force,

This force seldom reckoned with for the fear,
the fear of losing even when we keep winning,
how do you explain an emotion you can’t see?
No tears to cry or smiles to pin this feeling,

No this feeling and force defies all logic & reason,
a free fall that was never really even a decision,
once it takes hold with roots so vast and scary,
I cannot stop this heart falling into your gravity.


About nt3x5

I like cheesecake like no one's business.
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