Someday I’ll Fly

You know those moments of inspiration that move you to aggressively pursue your dreams?

Well to no surprise, for those of you who know me, I just had one with John Mayer.  Yep, that guy.

See I’ve always thought of Australia as this faraway land that was full of mystery and legends… a place that few have travelled but many have marveled.  A land down under that goes down to the very roots of human origins, perhaps.  That theory is still being debated with Africa, if you know what I mean.  And I’m always having a debate with people about how John Mayer is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever seen live despite his often despised reputation.  Players gonna play, ain’t that right Taylor Swift?  Naw I’m just playing… seewhatididthere

Swift is onto something though – just shake it off.  People are always going to doubt your crazy adventure ideas and you know what?  I’m just gonna let it all shake off my shoulders and roll off my back for now.  In life we have choices.  I’m making the choice to pursue my dream.  Is it somewhat open-ended?  Sure.  Do I know exactly what I’m going to do when I get there?  Not really, but it’s always been a dream to go.  Should you chase yours dreams down and make them happen no matter what?  Absolutely.

Here’s why – you’ve got this one life to live to its fullest and do everything you’ve ever wanted to do.

So don’t waste it.

It’s just that simple.
Be ambitious.
Be courageous.
Be daring & intrepid and all those wonderful synonyms for adventurous.

Be the person you were meant to be – you are the master of your fate; you are the captain of your soul.  So what’s stopping you from pursuing those dreams?
Well let’s be honest, it all comes back to you and your decisions.

Choose to do what you want with your life and choose it decisively.  It can’t always be wisely, because frankly we all make mistakes no matter how old we get (and sometimes the same ones), but it can always be with conviction.

This is your lifeand it’s your time to take the reins.

Back to my bromantic moment with John Mayer – Someday I’ll Fly

What I realized is that back in high school, one of my first CDs I ever bought was this Room For Squares.  It totally blew my frickin’ mind at the time – the melodies, lyrics, vocals; it all connected to me and was relatable to all.  I’ll never forget the first time I excitedly brought it over to my brother’s college apartment and played it for him and his girlfriend – she loved it instantly.  Everything about it was catchy, and by that point I knew how to explain what made it so fan-frickin-tabulous.  Best of all was that it played like different chapters of a book you could read over and over and over again.  Hell, that’s the first CD I played so many times that it began to skip without scratches.

So the story continues throughout high school, where my senior year his next album came out in what felt like record time to me and it was even better than the first.  That’s when I really started to proclaim my love for JM, and to this day my high school friends still make fun of me for it.  Rightfully so, I suppose, being a guy and all, but what I’d sensed was a guy who took something he loved and made the most interesting music that I’d ever listened to in not just one hit wonders but incredible story-like albums.  When I heard Bigger Than My Body for the first time I was just floored; and that was immediately proceeding this admiration and fascination for Clarity.

These songs speak volumes to me though, and he is the only artist to have that effect with so many of his songs.  It has reminded me of my younger self, an iPod full of his music I’d seem to have forgotten.  My very own roots and dreams all right there.

It’s been a long time since then, or since twenty two, so I’ll leave you off with this personal favorite: Who Says

Note to future self: tonight was a defining moment for you and totally worth staying up until 3:30am

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