Music Monday

Today was another one of those days where I didn’t want to get out of bed.  My old habits crept back as I slept in until 2pm, giving me a solid 11 hours of sleep.  Perhaps the rest was good, as my sinuses cleared out all sorts of yellow gunk while green tea soothed my throat throughout the afternoon.  With the house to myself, it seemed like a good day to undertake Phase 2 of the Spring Manscape.  Goodness only knows what my housemates think of me when they can hear that beard trimmer going for an hour straight…

On gloomy days like today, where the rain is still freshly pooled on the back porch, I like to turn to my music for inspiration.  After discovering an old iTunes gift card while spring cleaning the other day, I have $10 to spend on my wishlist.  However, I’m torn whether to buy this album from a band I just discovered the other day after I got hooked on their song “These Times” as heard in the trailer for People Like Us.  In case I never said it before, I’m a huge fan of Chris Pine and his eclectic cinematography.  In fact he is the very reason I gave up my grudge against Star Trek after his stellar performance (no pun intended) in the franchise’s reboot.  Of course now anytime I watch that movie it evokes this jaded sensation because I saw it last with Zoey after she shot me down once I’d already flown out to Stockton, CA to see her.  Glee has the same affiliation, sadly, although I can fondly remember sipping scotch with her Dad who somehow got hooked on it (the show, I mean) with me while I was there.

There were some UM job applications today but it is well past the point where I need to branch out and even look down under – with any luck I can find a job there that will get my ass to Australia without paying an arm and a leg!  To be able to tell people that’s my current endeavor again feels great, as I’ve realized in just the past few days.  Even when talking to people I don’t know that well, like Amanda’s friend Jennie who asked me what I’m doing these days, you can sense the excitement in their responses and it gets me all the more stoked.  In fact Jennie told me about her pursuit of a vineyard job down under with a friend that fizzled out when something closer to home presented itself.

Tomorrow is the day it all changes and I look back on May 8th 2012 as the moment my new life began.  The journey begins with all the preparation these next few months hold to get me where I need to be come Thanksgiving and all other family holidays that I now dread.  If my parents were out of the picture, or had their lives together (separately), it would be another story… but until that day comes, I’m making my own life the way I always wanted.  Adventure is like a middle name to me, and it’s about time I broke free of this bubble called Ann Arbor.  As an archaeological anthropologist, Australia has always been my home and it’s time to go back.


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