Back to the Coffee Grinder

Last night I had another late close even though the 9-10pm hour hailed approximately two customers total.  Yes, that meant another long one hour walk home…  After a 90+ degree weather day that definitely had a plethora of lingering humidity near the midnight hour.   Honestly the exercise is good for me, and I DO enjoy walking over the Huron Parkway bridge at night, but there was something about not having my iPod nano last night for the trek that really got to me.  However, on the other hand, I definitely cleared my head again.

One highlight of my night was the return of flirty photographer girl, who again asked me to choose whatever was good frozen for her.  Apparently my new lack of hair was no deterent.  If anything, she may have been even MORE insistent on me picking out her drink for her.  This time I didn’t hesitate to oblige.  So conversation at the milk steamer came easily and it took no time to learn that she had just completed a two and a half year photography program at WCC sponsored by Canon.  Baller.  Perhaps it’s time to go back to school?

After all the aggressive criticism from my boss I don’t see why not, if all else fails in the impending job hunt as well.  Working at Kerrytown would be a blast, but I’m not getting my hopes up or crossing any fingers just yet.  Pursuing my passions seems like a priority.  It’s high time to rev back up for the summer and find something both fun and fulfilling.


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I like cheesecake like no one's business.
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