There Is Always A Harbor To Shelter From The Storm

Looking at the receipt, I reluctantly smiled…

The tuna fish cans were only 25c instead of $1 each, while the 6 pack of Ramen remained the same price.  All of my quarters were gone now on the $2.22 receipt I held in my hands. I was officially living off nickels and dimes.  That’s all I had left.  At twenty four years old, a University of Michigan bachelor’s under my belt, and living in my parent’s house again, this was all I had to show – fiscal spending.  And believe me, budgeting is not my forte…

So what happened? Where did my life take a wrong turn? How did I end up nowhere?
That’s a long story, and perhaps if we meet in person someday I can tell you all about it.
But for now, the point is not the beginning nor the destination – it’s the journey…

In the days and months to come I’ll be pouring my life story out to the world and let me tell you why: through thick and thin, no matter how bad it gets out there, just remember…
“There is always a harbor to shelter from the storm.”

– NT


About nt3x5

I like cheesecake like no one's business.
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