The Killing: A Soundless Echo

If you haven’t heard any talk about AMC’s new drama The Killing than you haven’t been out enough lately – okay sure, I might be blowing up this show a little much already…

Seriously though, go check it out right here, right now:

In this latest episode, not only was I moved per usual by the sadness of Rosie Larsen’s murder mystery but substantially so by the progression in her parent’s story within it.  Specifically when Rosie’s mother greets Rosie’s best friend in the hallways of the HS, and they both look like hell, the tears started trickling down my cheek too.  I couldn’t help it.  Not only is this heavy stuff, but the actors are so easy to relate to on this show.  Honestly.  It’s raw; it’s real; it’s reality.  Even if this is just a show, someone out there in the world must have a story like this and it’s horrifying to think how any human being could possibly survive such a perilous loss like that of a brutal murder.


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